Walking AND Crochet!

So, I am officially combining my two loves -walking and crochet – into a single blog.  I am not able to post as often as in the past, so I’ll simplify and post my thoughts, insights, etc in a single space.

Today, Kris and I walked a fairly rugged three mile loop at West Tyson Park.  We had only walked this trail once before and had the dog with us.  We had remembered that there were place on the trail that were two narrow for me and the dog so we left Liz at home (much to her chagrin!).

The park is lovely.  It’s about 15 miles due west of the St. Louis Arch and about 3 miles east of Six Flags along I-44.  Tyson Park is one in a row of parks and ‘unimproved’ land along I-44.  It’s on a short outer road tucked in between Lone Elk Park and Route 66 Park (the old Times Beach).  While Route 66 park is dead flat, Tyson and Lone Elk have plenty of uphill climbs.

With 95% of the leaves on the ground, even an overcast day like today was lovely in the woods.  We encountered few other hikers and only 2 bikes.  At the top of the trail we hiked – at the very top where you can look out over the Meramec River – there is a single picnic table that bears a plaque on which is recorded the telephone number of the park ranger!  Hmmm.  Were they expecting trouble?  It’s a bit of a struggle getting up there – but certainly nothing that requires more than a few deep breaths and a bottle of water.

So, we didn’t take pictures today but the vistas were worth it.  We will walk this trail again.