Not Just Crochet

cro book craft 0315

Crochet is my main craft.  It’s my favorite – but it’s not my only craft.  I also sew, bead, quilt, and do some paper crafting.  I am especially fond of craft projects which use recycled or repurposed materials.  When I saw these projects, I immediately began making plans to find time to make a few of them.  I don’t think I can find much of a way to combine these projects with crochet, but if you think of a way, please let me know.  Ii guess I could crochet or chain the necklace above to which the book corners are added.  It’s my favorite of these projects.

I also think these would be great projects for kids for Sunday school, school art class, and VBS.  Since most of these cost almost nothing to create, there’s no way to go wrong.

Crochet Celtic Knot


No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  The bracelet pictured above is not crocheted.  It’s actually a macrame project.  But, it’s the best non-video instruction I could find for how to create a celtic knot pattern.

Here’s why.  When I was at the library the other afternoon, killing a few minutes before going to dance, I flipped through some Craft Ideas magazines and saw a totally cool ‘Crocheted Knot Bracelet’ created by Donna Collinsworth.  I don’t subscribe to this magazine, but each issue has at least one crochet and one knit pattern along with the usual paper crafts, beading, sewing, etc.  I do a variety of crafts so I am often inspired by some small project I find in the pages of this magazine.  In this case, I thought it was cool that the designer’s website was given so I could go to her site or to to find the pattern.  Not so!  There is one similar pattern on by a different designer and I couldn’t find her instructions.  Further, while Donna Collinsworth has a very cool looking free ebook of crochet bracelet designs, this was not amongst them.

So, I set about to pull the puzzle pieces together to see if I could make this bracelet.  My macrame days are long past.  I wanted to crochet this bracelet.  I could tell from the magazine that the celtic knot was created from a single length of crocheted cording.  In this case, the colors were bright and varied, edged in black for a sort of stained glass effect.  Collinsworth used a Mexicana thread to create her fabulous look.

So, I’ll be pursuing this pattern and will copy the design for my own private use from the Craft Ideas issue, Holiday 2014, page 24.  I will also spend more time drooling over Collinsworth’s lovely collection of bracelets in her ebook .

What do you think about the celtic knot design?  What do you think about the color choice of Mexicana thread (Aunt Lydia’s size 10 is pictured above) edged in black?  I think any color would make a pretty bracelet – but this color combo is striking to me!