Quick And Easy Spring Crochet For Your Wardrobe

cro hair clips 0315

These little hair clips might be just the thing you need to make an Easter outfit look complete and special.  And, best of all, you can color coordinate and work them up in a matter of minutes.  You can glue the cute little flowers on – or better yet, tie them to the hair clip and touch the knot with a tiny bit of Fray Check or nail polish.  I love this kind of clip for my very fine hair.  But, they will work just fine for anyone’s hair from tot to senior citizen.  Get the free pattern here.

cro spring headband 0315

Here’s another quick, lovely idea to finish off your new Spring outfit.  Not much could be easier!  If you don’t use the idea for a headband, you can adapt it for a pretty bracelet.  The color combinations here are perfect, but you can use whatever color combo that will complete your special outfit.  You’ll find the free pattern here.


I can think of a bunch of ways to use these lovely blossoms from Planet June (free pattern).  The idea I like the best, and that I am most likely to use, is to work up a cluster of them to use as an applique to brighten up an older cardigan.  I’m not much of a shopper and tend to buy the same colors and silhouettes, so why bother?  I have a lot of pink, including a pink cardigan and a pink hoodie that I wear over and over.  A grouping of these pretty flowers and leaves would be perfect on either of those.  Further, I’d make them repositionable so I could wear them only when I wanted to and leave my plain cardigan or hoodie in tact.  Maybe you’re not a ‘pink person’ like I am.  Make them in red or orange or blue or lilac.  Sprinkle them around your cardigan or tee shirt to give it a fresh, updated look without making a permanent change.  You can make them repositionable by using Aleene’s Tack It Over And Over glue which can be found at Michael’s and other craft stores.  Follow the instructions carefully to create an applique that you can move from one garment to another or store for later use.

aleene's tack it glue 0315

I’m a huge fan of Aleene’s glues which are now owned by Duncan Enterprises and of Aleene and her children and grandchildren who are inspired crafters.  Aleene’s glues are the finest in the field, including her Tacky Glue which is a must have for all serious crafters.  Maybe I’ll write more about this at a later date.

So, now you have a few, fresh ideas of ways to use your crochet skills to brighten your new – or old – wardrobe.  These ideas work just fine for all ages.  I’d love to see how you use them, so please send me a picture if you use them like this or adapt them in some unique way.  That would be totally amazing!

Want A Crochet Challenge?

cro ronnie depths afghan 0315

If you are interested in crocheting an afghan that looks truly challenging, this one is for you.  It’s not a free pattern, but I’ve seen this one in person, courtesy of one of the pattern testers, my friend Ronnie, and the afghan is a knock-out!

On the page where you can purchase the pattern, you can take a look at the variety of color options other crocheters have chosen.  That’s such a nice part of Ravelry.  I looked at all of them, including the two that Ronnie has posted there, and the colors in the one pictured here are totally outstanding.  My faves – and I’m not particularly a ‘blue’ person.  It’s Ronnie’s use of the black that makes the other colors pop.

Ronnie insists that this pattern is not truly challenging.  That it has a pattern repeat that is easy to memorize and that it moves along nicely.  I’m not completely buying that – especially since I’ve seen the thing in person.  But, if you are looking for a project that is either challenging or unique, this one is for you.  I’d love to see what color combinations others come up with.  The only comment I have on color choice is that the person who changed colors every row did not create nearly as much visual impact as the color repeats chosen by Ronnie.  And, due to the large-ish lengths of yarn required, it’s not a scrap project.  If you have scraps left over, you might be smart enough to use them the way Ronnie did her third iteration of this afghan.  I’ll post a pic of it when I get one.

Crochet Me An Unfading Flower – An Ongoing Affair

I love to crochet flowers. I find all kinds of ways to use them. Adding a pretty flower to a scarf, headband, or bracelet is the perfect way to set off an outfit. There are oodles of free crochet patterns of flowers all over the internet. Here are a few of my favorites.  And, btw, flowers are a perfect way to use up even very small amounts of threads since you can make fantasy flowers any color(s) you like (or have on hand).  Create the flower to match, complement, or contrast with the garment you’ll add them to or to others in a bouquet.

cro croc flowers 0115

Who’s the smart person who could visualize the Crocodile Stitch as a flower?  With or without the artificial stamen poking out from the center.  Get the free pattern here Crocodile Stitch Flowers.


cro poinsettia pin 1013


My favorite Poinsettia pattern.  I’ve made a batch of these.  They make wonderful brooches.

cro safety pin 0115

Just use a small safety pin on the reverse to affix this lovely flower to your lapel or sweater.  The perfect touch for Christmas.

cro funky flower 0115


Funky crocheted flowers – or fantasy flowers – are fun and can be unique ways to express your whimsey.  Why not?  You will get lots of compliments if you take care to use a pleasing color combination or add beads, buttons, or other sparkles to your flowers.  Get this pretty one with the yellow-orange center here.

cro flower w beads 0115


This is a nice example of how a minimum of sparklies can make a flower really ‘pop’.  Simple but effective.

cro forest flower 0215

And, finally, this lovely, delicate beauty.  You can get the free pattern and video online.


So, by now I’ve convinced you that you MUST crochet some flowers.  You can find all those patterns online or you can just start playing with yarn and hook and come up with some beauties of your own.  The way I got started working up my own, unique flowers without the use of a pattern was to create simple layers and tie them together.  Making three different sizes of the same 5 loops shells, for instance, is a great way to practice.  But, if you find that having a pattern at hand gives you comfort, use this one to get yourself started.  But, promise me that after you’ve made a few of these, you’ll put down the pattern and try making your very own, unique creations.  This is a great way to do that since there will be no mistakes!  Flowers, either in nature or in your living room, come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  So, you can’t go too far wrong.  Save your yarn scraps and work from small to larger.  Then, send me a picture!

Crochet Luv’n Paws

This cute doggie blanket is another I found in the pages of Craft Ideas magazine.  It’s in the Fall, 2014 issue, but alas, you can get the pattern for free online.  Lucky for us!  This would make the perfect gift for a dog lover.  It could go under the dog’s food and water bowls, be a Welcome mat for your front door, be a handy muddy paw cleaner for your back door, or used to make a dog bed or line the one you already have.  You can get the free online pattern here.

About that dog bed.  I have to tell you how I made one for my aging fur baby.  I had a comforter on my bed that Lizzie had nibbled on the edges.  When I decided to replace that, I took the damaged one and folded it into quarters to create a bed cover for the dog.  Under that, I sewed a feather bed for the pooch.  I found three down filled pillows at the thrift store for a total of less than $5.  I used some denim to sew a large pillow cover with a deeply overlapping botton.  Inside that I sewed a liner to hold those downy feathers.  So, my pooch has the nicest bed in the house!  And, she loves it.  She folds herself onto it every night – but becomes dissatisfied if it gets too wrinkled!  I have to shake out the comforter and refold it to place neatly over the down filled pillow that is about 3 ft by 5 ft.  Such a picky dog.  Do you recall the Princess and the Pea?  I think that pretty much tells the story here!  This mat would be a nice topper for the whole padded bed.  Oh, and between the comforter and down cushion, there is a wonderful wool afghan that I purchased for a couple dollars at the thrift store.  It’s a ripple design with delicious colors made from wool yarn that someone felted – I’m sure by accident.  It’s really too pretty to be under the comforter, but Lizzie prefers that comforter on top so that’s the way it’s set up.  Nothing is too good for this mutt, I guess.

Sock Piggies And Some Crochet

cro sock piggy 0215

This pair of sock piggies sucked me in!n  This little piggie went to market and so on.   These little piggies would have to stay at my house!

But Pixie Fey has more to offer us than these piggies.  She has general crafts and some crochet that you will enjoy also.

cro bangle pixie 0215

How about these delicate looking, but very easy to crochet bangles?

cro bunny pixie 0215

Or, these super cute long=eared bunnies?  You could make enough of these for every tot in your family to have one special one just for him/her.

There are more delights to be seen at Pixie Fey’s site and free patterns and instructions.  I love the scrappy, loving look of her projects.  I believe her every project is made with love!

Carnivale Scarf

carol scarf

This is a not very good (no good, terrible, very bad) picture of a scarf that I finished up very quickly so I would have it ready to give to my friend who is hosting the Super Bowl party we attend most every year.

My husband had pointed out the multicolored, ribbon type yarn (really a boucle) at Tuesday Morning one day.  It didn’t impress me at the time, but a couple days later, I saw a cowl that a friend was wearing that had been crocheted by another friend.  She had used the same boucle/ribbon yarn as the center ‘panel’ surrounded by two colors of yarn to set off the central yarn.  I ran back to Tuesday Morning, sure that the one  skein of yarn I wanted would have disappeared – but, there it was.  I plunked down my $5.99 and hurried home to find a matching yarn.

I chose to keep it simpler with the dark blue as the gal who will wear it is a blue eyed blonde.  I think this will look great on her.

I don’t have a pattern for you, but here’s how I made it.  I used a M hook (9mm) and chained the length I thought would work for my friend.  I joined it to form a circle then crocheted around using half double crochets til the ribbon yarn was all used.  Then I added the blue to one side and, using the same hook with a worsted weight yarn, worked double crochets around for 4 rows.  I did the same on the other side of the central panel.  I was uncertain if I should make a circle cowl or a moebius but my failure to play close enough attention to my original chain resulted in a moebius which worked out really well, I think.

The edging is easy.  It’s a shell worked over two stitches.  So, (sc, hdc, dc) in one stitch then (dc, hdc, sc) in the next stitch.  Continue around, joining with a slip stitch into the first sc of the edging row.

That’s it!  Easy peasy.  You could use any stitch you want and any colors you want, of course,  Since this his a cowl, it will collapse in on itself once it’s around the neck.  I thought about pulling the ribbons all through to one side, but that’s something I will do if the recipient likes the idea.