Declaring Independence From A Craft Store

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Today is July 4.  That’s Independence Day in the United States of America.  In this wonderful country, every citizen is free to express political, religious, and philosophical opinions without fear of government repression.  It’s one of the wonders of our amazing country.  I fully support the right of every citizen and company to do so.

In today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch, our venerable daily newspaper, Hobby Lobby placed a full page ad.  That’s not unusual for Hobby Lobby.  Unlike most of their full page ads as I recall, this one did not prominently display the name of Hobby Lobby.  Rather, one had to read the fine print at the bottom of the page to determine who paid for the full page ad – a costly endeavor.

This ad quoted liberally from the Bible and from some of our revered statesmen of old – Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and others.  Not unusual for an ad on Independence Day.

However, the gist of this ad was that the US is a Christian country.  Each quote, hand picked for singular effect of course, nailed home the notion that this country was founded as a Christian nation, is now a Christian nation, and that it must remain that way.

I have a question for Hobby Lobby which I will write to them about in a few minutes.

What about those of our citizens who are not Christian?

Are they to be merely tolerated?

Should they buy their craft supplies at Hobby Lobby and keep their mouths shut if they aren’t Christian?  Does Hobby Lobby support the notion of another company or individual taking out a full page ad to state that this is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave no matter what religion the citizen is?  The owner of the business is?  The immigrant is?  The soldier is?  The protester is?

In the US, the right to freedom of speech (and print) is held to be a sacred one.  I strongly support this right.  I believe it is both God given and inalienable.  Clearly Hobby Lobby does not share my strongly held conviction that all our citizenry has the right to both full citizenship and freedom of religion.  That this country was founded – yes, mostly by Christians – as a haven for believers of all religions or none.  That those who are not Christian have the God given right to be more than tolerated.

As much as I love “I Love This” yarn, I will not be buying any more of it or anything else that HL sells unless I get a really compelling answer to my letter to them asking about what I see as their intolerance of all the US citizens who are not Christian.  It’s just that simple.  Either we are all free and equal or none of us is.

5 thoughts on “Declaring Independence From A Craft Store

  1. Katie says:

    So HL doesn’t get the same right to express their freedom of speech? What if the Walton family did the same thing? Would you stop shopping at Walmart? I find it extremely hypocritical of people who, on one hand say they support the freedoms and people’s rights to express those freedoms,while on the other hand they chastise those who actually do express their freedoms. Amd because you don’t agree with those opinions you pick up your toys and stomp off the playground, never to return. Well, that’s your opinion. I don’t agree with it. BUT, instead of stomping off in a hissy fit, I, and I’m paraphrasing here, will fight to the death for your right to express that opinion because I believe you have the right to say, or write it. I will continue to shop at HL to support their right to express their opinions. God Bless America and the Constitution.

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    • Katie,
      No where in my blog post did I state that HL doesn’t have the right to express their opinion (corporate or personal). They do have the right and I defend that. For instance, I will not write to the St Louis Post-Dispatch disputing their right to publish this ad. That said, the issue remains the same. If the opinion of HL -and many others clearly – is that this is a Christian country – then are they just tolerating the rest of us? Their message seems clear. It is a condescending message. There is a vast difference between stating that I am a _________ fill in the blank and everyone else should be too and I am a ________ fill in the blank but I feel others have as much right to express their religion, politics, philosophy, etc. Big difference. Bigger when they also want me to buy their goods. Since their message does not bother you – or maybe you strongly support their stance – I have no problem with that. I would just ask that people and corporations leave room for the rights and opinions of minorities to have some value. Everyone wishes to be validated and held to be worthy.

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      • marecrochets19 says:

        Katie, you are totally confusing freedom of speech, with the ideas that the owners of Hobby Lobby are espousing! Yes, they have the right to say them, but they also have the right to totally not understand the principles upon which this great country is founded! THEY ARE DEAD WRONG!!
        Did you not take American History?! The Pilgrims may have beenall been Christians, yes, but they devoutly believed in freedom of religion and personal freedoms, because they had been so persecuted for their own type of Christianity! That’s why they left England!
        As a minority myself, I find their mistaken beliefs offensive in the extreme.
        Now go check out a good American History book from the library and read it!


    • marecrochets19 says:

      AGAIN, it has nothing to do with the right to say it, it’s just that what they’re saying is dead WRONG! And because of that, I, a minority, a religion other than Christian , understand that they could care less about me and my rights so I won’t be giving them my business! Simple as that. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!


  2. marecrochets19 says:

    I have shared this on my social media sites and totally agree with you. I knew about their attitudes about “choice” but this is far far worse! Brava to you and your writing the letter to them!
    I hope enough people will see this and make a stand where it matters, in their pocketbook!


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