High Water Walking?

walk emmennegar flood 0615

Emmenegger Park under water ;-(

Kris and I tried to walk there the other day.  The Meramec River had other ideas.  It was a hot day and my asthma was flaring.  We detoured to nearby Powder Valley Park since we did not have the dog with us.  The scenery there was lovely but the hills proved too much for me that day.  We ended up walking only about a mile.  Too hot, too humid.

It will take Emmenegger Park weeks to dry out even after the water recedes.  The trails there are all mulch/soil and the cover is dense so the trails remain moist.  We don’t mind moist!

The pavillion at Emmenegger was under at least 4 feet of water.  It’s closest to the river.  The walking trails are on higher ground but, as seen in this picture, the creek backs up and covers the trail access.

Still one of our favorite places to walk.  But, we will have to wait it out.  Al Foster Trail, here we come!

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