My ‘New’ Water Bottle Carrier

walking bottle carrier 0615

I clearly should never have let this picture been taken, but I wanted to share my ingenious ‘new’ water bottle carrier.  I got tired of wearing a belt to clip on a water bottle or a sling over a shoulder or a back pack.  My dog and I both need a cold drink on the trail from time to time.  This idea came to me after I saw a rather expensive back-worn bottle carrier on a sports web site.

Why not just tuck my shirt into the back of my waistband to create a pocket to hold the water bottle?  It cools me when I walk and leaves my hands free.  Simple, effective, and free.  I freeze smallish bottles half full of water then add a few ounces of water atop the ice.  As I walk, the ice melts and a cold drink is just a hand grip away!

So, if you want your hands free but want to have water with you on a hot summer walk, try this idea.  Works best if your waistband is not too loose.  My walking shorts typically have a drawstring so I can snug it up to hold the water securely.

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