Learning Some New Crochet

cro udemy 0415

I have not personally taken a course from this online entity, but I wanted to share it with you in case you know someone who wants to learn to crochet or maybe you’d like to learn some new technique yourself.

Apparently some courses are free, like this 1.5 hour video course for beginners focusing on Christmas Crochet.  The two other crochet courses which are currently offered are $15 each.  Again, I can’t vouch for these courses since I have not taken them, but I always like to share new crochet discoveries with my readers.

If, like me, you are involved in more crafty endeavors than crochet, you’ll want to check out the other courses offered under the heading ‘Arts and Crafts‘.  There are plenty there.  You can also filter your searches to include only free courses or to cast a wider net, you can check out all the courses and perhaps decide to pay for a course.  While many great things in life are free, not everything is!

Should you decide to take a course, Crochet or any other arts and crafts course, please post a review here.  We’d all love to learn more about this new site.  Thanks in advance!


2 thoughts on “Learning Some New Crochet

  1. Rose Shefcyk says:

    If anyone has any doll making parts they no longer want especially the joints etc Let me Know what you want for them. I’m making dolls etc for a sweet baby. I started one for my great grandson but his mother won’t let me near him because I don’t share her views. That baby will end up with a warped view of life due to his mother. I will always love him no matter what lies she teaches him all his life.


    • how sad that you are kept away from your great grandson by ignorance. life is just too short for that kind of attitude. i always figured that my kids could never have too many people to love them.


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