Crochet Priced To Sell


cro craft fair 0315


This subject comes up all the time and has been on my mind recently.  While I cannot over estimate the value of the crocheted items I make for others, I feel that few crocheters will ever earn enough money to represent the true value of a crocheted item they want to sell.

This article sums up the negative self talk we all do – and does it far better than I could.  These are not my original thoughts or writing although I agree with the author’s statements and opinions.

Since I truly do understand the value of crocheted works, I have put out the money on a few occasions to buy something special.  My favorite item is a table topper in wine colored size 10 cotton that would have taken me a month to complete.  The crocheter who sold it fell right into one of the negative self talk rabbit holes the article discusses.  This lovely, heirloom quality piece sold for $35.  I asked its crocheter why so cheap.  She said she only wanted to recoup her actual costs and earn enough money to continue to buy top quality crochet thread and yarn.  I can’t even imagine how little she valued her time and what she might have earned per hour.  Probably about two cents per hour.  That’s just wrong.

Please read the article and give me your opinions about this topic in my Comments section below.

(That picture above is not mine.  It’s a picture of a typical craft fair table I found here.)


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