Spectacular Felting

cro cobweb scarf 0215

Even if you’ve never wet-felted (fulled) anything before, this might be just the opportunity for you!  I know this scarf looks like an advanced felting project, but it’s not.  There’s a great tutorial available for free.

I have made a similar scarf using a similar wet-felting process so I’m quite familiar.  It’s a messy project, but well worth the trouble.  You will, even if a beginner, be able to make a unique, gorgeous scarf or just a length of fabric you can use for some other purpose with this technique.

Felting is an amazing way to create a new fabric using wool yarn, wool roving (as in this project), old wool sweaters, and other oddments of wool you may have stashed around your home or that you can find for pennies at a thrift store or garage sale.

If you are not familiar with roving, it’s the form wool is in after being sheared from the animal and carded.  Roving is twisted to make yarn and thread.  It’s lovely to work with as it’s almost lighter than air, comes is a dizzying array of colors, and is relatively inexpensive considering all you can do with it.

There is something called ‘roving yarn’ which is now sold by companies like Lion Brand.  Rather than being actual roving, it’s sort of half way between actual roving and a well twisted yarn.  It’s usually bulky strands that can be crocheted or knitted like any other yarn.  One problem is the lack of twist creates a fiber that is not durable and will pill or brush off much more easily than a yarn with more twist.  Still, it’s fun to work with.

If you get snowed in, try this project.  You’ll be lost in the work all day and will have a lovely length of fabric to show for your efforts.  You can then embellish the fabric, cut it, sew it, whatever.  You’ll enjoy seeing how the fiber artist in the linked article here attains her finished result.  Unless you’ve seen it before, you might not have thought it possible!  Go for it!


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