Crochet Me An Unfading Flower – An Ongoing Affair

I love to crochet flowers. I find all kinds of ways to use them. Adding a pretty flower to a scarf, headband, or bracelet is the perfect way to set off an outfit. There are oodles of free crochet patterns of flowers all over the internet. Here are a few of my favorites.  And, btw, flowers are a perfect way to use up even very small amounts of threads since you can make fantasy flowers any color(s) you like (or have on hand).  Create the flower to match, complement, or contrast with the garment you’ll add them to or to others in a bouquet.

cro croc flowers 0115

Who’s the smart person who could visualize the Crocodile Stitch as a flower?  With or without the artificial stamen poking out from the center.  Get the free pattern here Crocodile Stitch Flowers.


cro poinsettia pin 1013


My favorite Poinsettia pattern.  I’ve made a batch of these.  They make wonderful brooches.

cro safety pin 0115

Just use a small safety pin on the reverse to affix this lovely flower to your lapel or sweater.  The perfect touch for Christmas.

cro funky flower 0115


Funky crocheted flowers – or fantasy flowers – are fun and can be unique ways to express your whimsey.  Why not?  You will get lots of compliments if you take care to use a pleasing color combination or add beads, buttons, or other sparkles to your flowers.  Get this pretty one with the yellow-orange center here.

cro flower w beads 0115


This is a nice example of how a minimum of sparklies can make a flower really ‘pop’.  Simple but effective.

cro forest flower 0215

And, finally, this lovely, delicate beauty.  You can get the free pattern and video online.


So, by now I’ve convinced you that you MUST crochet some flowers.  You can find all those patterns online or you can just start playing with yarn and hook and come up with some beauties of your own.  The way I got started working up my own, unique flowers without the use of a pattern was to create simple layers and tie them together.  Making three different sizes of the same 5 loops shells, for instance, is a great way to practice.  But, if you find that having a pattern at hand gives you comfort, use this one to get yourself started.  But, promise me that after you’ve made a few of these, you’ll put down the pattern and try making your very own, unique creations.  This is a great way to do that since there will be no mistakes!  Flowers, either in nature or in your living room, come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  So, you can’t go too far wrong.  Save your yarn scraps and work from small to larger.  Then, send me a picture!


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