Ukranian Crochet


cro ukranian coat 0215

I was walking at the mall the other evening when I came upon the woman wearing this lovely sweater coat.  I accosted her to ask where she had purchased it.  In her best attempt at English she informed me that it is not available here but is from her native Ukraine.  I thanked her then she walked on.  A moment later, it occurred to me that my walking buddy, Kris, has a really good phone on her camera and was once a professional photographer.  I asked, she said yes.  Then, I thought I should probably ask permission of the wearer.  She quickly agreed and stood still so that Kris could get a good shot.

This woman is built similar to me – short and wide.  I could only imagine how lovely and flattering the coat would be on me!  The V-shaped inserts create the flattering effect.  The lighter pattern is a sort of animal print.  The inside of the jacket, which makes it appear reversible, is an abstract design of the same colors.

I do not believe this is a handmade item or that it is crocheted.  I believe it is a machine made knitted garment, probably two layers, and it’s made of fingering or sport weight acrylic or acrylic blend yarn – all that from a cursory examination as the owner didn’t speak much English.  She was so kind to even let me take a picture.

So, if you’ve seen this for sale somewhere, have seen a pattern that is similar, or are really good at creating a finished design from just looking at a picture, I’d love to see this in a form that I could reproduce.


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