Crochet Is Good For You!

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31 Ways that Knitting and Crochet Can Change Your Life

  1. Relieve depression.
  2. Promote mental health.
  3. Reduce anxiety.
  4. Process grief.
  5. Alleviate cabin fever during winter months.
  6. Reduce Stress.
  7. Practise mindfulness and meditation.
  8. Create a non-medicinal, feel-good high.
  9. Protect the brain from damage incurred by aging.
  10. Learn discipline, empathy, patience.
  11. Lose weight.
  12. Relieve insomnia.
  13. Relieve chronic pain.
  14. Keep your brain fit.
  15. Think clearer.
  16. Reduce negative thoughts.
  17. Reduce or postpone dementia.
  18. Improve your mood.
  19. Get organized.
  20. Build self-esteem.
  21. Avoid cognitive impairment.
  22. Delay memory loss.
  23. Control eating disorders.
  24. Find friends.
  25. Reduce irritability and restlessness.
  26. Control addictions.
  27. Get strong.
  28. Recovery.
  29. Practice prayer.
  30. Give to others.
  31. Build community.

Lion Brand Yarn recently published this list.  I shamelessly have copied and pasted it here to increase its exposure.  I love many LB yarns, especially Homespun which is one of those yarns that you either love or hate – no in between.  I have made many projects with it, including my first ever full sized afghan about 15 years ago that used 11 full skeins of a charcoal gray and a lovely red.  My son, for whom it was made, and assorted girlfriends have all loved it.  You should visit the LB site to see more about how crocheting is good for you.

Several others have written on this subject, most notably Kathryn Vercillo at .  Kathryn’s story is nothing short of miraculous!

For most of us, we will find that once we have mastered the basics of crochet, there are many patterns that we can do on ‘auto pilot’, allowing us to enter a Zen sort of zone where our mind seems to become independent of our bodies – like a runner’s high.  I just love it when I can get there, especially during times of acute stress.  And, I know it works.  I know how to get there even if I sometimes fail to remind my self that this sort of relief from my problems/stress is as close as a hook and yarn.

If you haven’t discovered that, or tried for it, please do.  It’s amazing!  It’s the sort of thing, like meditation, that one is wise to practice when things are not particularly stressful so that when things get tense, we know just what to do to help ourselves.  Tell me your story of stress reduction through crochet or in what way any of those things in that list of 31 above has worked for you.


4 thoughts on “Crochet Is Good For You!

  1. Reblogged this on Phase Three and commented:
    Oh yes, the relaxing qualities of crocheting. Spent some winter months crocheting up some give away holiday gifts, and was reminded of how mind clearing it can be to crochet away those troubling thoughts!


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