Carnivale Scarf

carol scarf

This is a not very good (no good, terrible, very bad) picture of a scarf that I finished up very quickly so I would have it ready to give to my friend who is hosting the Super Bowl party we attend most every year.

My husband had pointed out the multicolored, ribbon type yarn (really a boucle) at Tuesday Morning one day.  It didn’t impress me at the time, but a couple days later, I saw a cowl that a friend was wearing that had been crocheted by another friend.  She had used the same boucle/ribbon yarn as the center ‘panel’ surrounded by two colors of yarn to set off the central yarn.  I ran back to Tuesday Morning, sure that the one  skein of yarn I wanted would have disappeared – but, there it was.  I plunked down my $5.99 and hurried home to find a matching yarn.

I chose to keep it simpler with the dark blue as the gal who will wear it is a blue eyed blonde.  I think this will look great on her.

I don’t have a pattern for you, but here’s how I made it.  I used a M hook (9mm) and chained the length I thought would work for my friend.  I joined it to form a circle then crocheted around using half double crochets til the ribbon yarn was all used.  Then I added the blue to one side and, using the same hook with a worsted weight yarn, worked double crochets around for 4 rows.  I did the same on the other side of the central panel.  I was uncertain if I should make a circle cowl or a moebius but my failure to play close enough attention to my original chain resulted in a moebius which worked out really well, I think.

The edging is easy.  It’s a shell worked over two stitches.  So, (sc, hdc, dc) in one stitch then (dc, hdc, sc) in the next stitch.  Continue around, joining with a slip stitch into the first sc of the edging row.

That’s it!  Easy peasy.  You could use any stitch you want and any colors you want, of course,  Since this his a cowl, it will collapse in on itself once it’s around the neck.  I thought about pulling the ribbons all through to one side, but that’s something I will do if the recipient likes the idea.


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