Crochet + Beads

A noncrocheting friend sent a link to this cool wallhanging.  I love crochet.  I love buttons.  Everyone needs wall art, right?  This combines so many great arts.  The designer clearly took the flowers in the sheets as inspiration and repeated the colors in the wallhanging.  I can think of all kinds of ways to use this idea. There’s a handy tutorial at the site and plenty of other bright, cheerful uses of crochet and beads.

Then, I found this happy wallhanging for sale at etsy.  RoseJasmine has created this and similar crochet pieces for the wall.  They are well worth her asking price – as those of us who crochet know how much time and effort goes into designing and crocheting something unique – but might be reproducible with ideas inside your own head.  I know I have some ideas!

One place I always think to use this sort of crochet whimsy is in a nursery, especially for the area above the crib.  But, we mustn’t limit ourselves to baby.  RoseJasmine’s piece could easily be used as a growth chart if it’s hung low enough to write those vital height measurements as kid grows up.  If you’re worried about your paint, use a strip of masking tape or that blue painter’s tape that won’t mar your walls.

If combining crochet with buttons works for you, check out the designs Kathryn has gathered at

Crochet Concupiscence.  Some of them are amazing!

If you ‘bing’ crochet and beads or crochet with beads, you’ll find many, many wonderful designs, from wearables to home dec to things for baby.  I have a huge collection of buttons, gathered over many years.  I have also been known to purchase a dress or blouse at a thrift store just to scrounge the buttons.  I find them to be tiny artistic treasures, full of inspiration, each with its own tale to tell.

How will you combine buttons with your crochet?


4 thoughts on “Crochet + Beads

  1. LitlBits15 says:

    That flower wall art looks VERY MUCH like one done by Lucy at Attic 24…where SHE has an excellent tutorial. I have to wonder if this was ‘lifted’ from Lucy’s site!
    I hate to see someone steal someone else’s ideas and pattern….without giving any credit to the original designer!
    Please check this out! Lucy designed this and SHE should be getting the credit for it!


    • I will have to check out the Attic 24 site. I don’t want to rob anyone of their rightful credit. I certainly did not create the piece nor did the person who sent the photo to me. She had found the piece online and wanted to make something like it for her daughter’s/granddaughter’s room. Thanks for the head’s up.



  2. Hello folks….just to clarify things here…..yes this is my “Happy Flower” design which I shared on my blog three years ago

    I share my ideas, patterns and tutorials for free on my blog and unlike many designers, I am happy to allow my designs to be used for small commercial enterprise, so please don’t worry if you see other people using my patterns and selling their handmade items, I am ok with that!
    Spread the hooky love I say 🙂



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