My Other Favorite Crochet Doily

Above is the one I made.  I just happened to own the same thread that the original designer used for the one she made.  I just love the pastels and pineapples are totally addictive.  This pattern is made in two halves.  You start in the middle and crochet one half.  Then you go back to that starting row, join it, and create the second half.  I had serious concerns that I’d be able to exactly reproduce the pattern (results) so that my two halves would match – but they do.

Here’s the original.  Mine has clearly not been blocked.  Blocking would improve its appearance, but I tend to prefer the softer look that unblocked crochet presents.  You can get this pattern in the archives of the internet by using this link.

I made my version of the Pistilli Pineapple Doily back in 2007.  I have made about a dozen doilies that I’ve kept for myself and another dozen I’ve gifted.  I change them by season or on a whim.  I have almost no home decor that is pastel – but if you love a piece, it always ‘goes’.


2 thoughts on “My Other Favorite Crochet Doily

  1. desolationrow59 says:

    Are you the gal who didn’t like pineapples? I ask because those look like mini pineapples–LL! Beautiful, and great choice of thread too!


    • No, it’s Ambar who is a non-fan of pineapples. I agree these look like pineapples. The motif is usually called strawberry. I like to warn Ambar so we won’t tax her delicate eyes with images of her least favorite motif, the pineapple. I love them.


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